Washington EMC

There’s more to Plant Washington than coal
June 2014

The owner/members (power customers) of Washington Electric Membership Co-op (WEMC) have learned a lot about their co-op since Plant Washington, and WEMC’s support of the plant, was announced over six years ago. WEMC has spent $1Million dollars for the owner/members money on Plant Washington but we have had no say in these decisions.

WEMC is not required to use competitive bidding for Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) even though many contracts to purchase power for the owner/members can last more than 20 years.

Electric co-ops in Georgia are not required to get approval from the state Public Service Commission (PSC) for setting electric rates for their customers. If an EMC member isn’t happy with the rate they pay for power, they can’t take their concerns to the PSC. Their only place to appeal is their EMC Board, which set the rate!

Whether the owner/members support Plant Washington or not, many are asking why their co-op Directors refuse to operate in an open and transparent manner the way it was intended to operate, and in fact has in the past. What are the Washington EMC Board of Directors and Senior Management afraid the co-op members, who also own the co-op, will learn or ask?

Find out which WEMC district you live in and who your elected representative to the Board is, and contact them, just as you would any public official elected to office. The Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 5th. Details will be posted here.

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