FACE President to EPA: Kids deserve clean air

Yesterday four FACE leaders spoke at the EPA’s public comment session on control carbon pollution. Hundred of citizens, including elected officials, faith leaders, physicians, retired military personnel, fire fighters, and children spoke and rallied for limits on carbon emissions from power plants and other industrial sites. Today’s Macon Telegraph quotes FACE President Larry Warthen urging the EPA to adopt strong carbon limits because children deserve cleaners air. Warthen told the EPA panel, “No child should have limited access to enjoy the great outdoors and do the normal things that kids do without an inhaler.” Carbon pollution contributes to poor air quality, which impacts anyone with asthma and respiratory illnesses. Lyle Lansdell told the EPA that she and other farmers are struggling to grow the food we need because carbon is contributing to extreme weather conditions. Record high temperatures in May last year followed by almost seven times the normal rainfall in June wrecked havoc on both her crops and livestock. Lansdell said we have been “short-sighted” in regards to climate impacting emissions. At last count almost 6 Million people have submitted comments asking the EPA to require strong carbon emission standards. Tell the EPA you want the proposed carbon pollution standards to be adopted.